Kathmandu Marathon was first organized on 6th October 2007. It was the first of that kind ever seen in the city of Kathmandu, a record number of participations from the people of different walks of life. The record cash prize, the participation of more than 20 Nations, maximum media coverage, the huge number of volunteers and has broken nearly the record of all the events ever organized in the city.


The organizers of Kathmandu Marathon have seen many ups and downs, but have strictly stuck to the idea that this folk festival should continue. Since then every year this event has been organized in one-year prior fixed date, punctually and regularly. By this time, Kathmandu Marathon has become a brand for itself.


This year 2022, Kathmandu Marathon is celebrating its 14th year expecting the record number of participants and the organizers are committed to make this year event a mega sporting event that people have ever seen in the city.