Kathmandu Marathon Training - Stepping Up the Pace in Full Swing

24 Aug 2023

As the countdown to the Kathmandu Marathon intensifies, the training programs are being carried out with full dedication and enthusiasm. All runners have been gathering together to polish up their skills and build their endurance. 

The training sessions provide tailored routines and guidance, keeping in mind every individual’s capacity and goals. These sessions are crafted to prepare participants for the challenging course that weaves through the city’s landmarks. Runners are trained, mainly focusing on strength training and stamina building. Moreover, these training sessions are helping them improve their techniques and ensure they are well-prepared for the final day. 

While the Kathmandu Marathon has attracted participants from various ages, a fresh surge of youthful energy has emerged and, the excitement and unwavering enthusiasm from these children have also added more light onto the running stage.

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